About Us


Located in Caxias do Sul, in the South of Brazil, REDUTORES IBR is a company focused on providing gearmotors, gearboxes (speed reducers), electric motors and other products related to the movement of machinery and equipments, such as variators, frequency inverters and couplings.

The company was founded in 2006 and began operations in 2007 after forming a partnership with the Italian company HYDRO-MEC, becoming the exclusive distributor of their gearboxes in Brazil. HYDRO-MEC is a company with over 30 years experience in manufacturing gearboxes and operates globally in over 50 countries through exclusive distributors and agents. All HYDRO-MEC products have high quality, reliability, efficiency, modularity, lightness and modern design with competitive price. REDUTORES IBR is an exclusive distributor of HYDRO-MEC products in Brazil with a local structure to assembling gearboxes and gearmotors, which enables the supply with prompt delivery of the wide variety of products, among which are: worm, coaxial, shaft mounted, helical-bevel and single stages gearboxes. This concept of local assembly also ensures a great speed in the supply of spare parts and any necessary maintenance.

In your gearmotors, the company provides composite solutions with three-phase and single-phase aluminum engines, which in addition to lightness, provide a unique look to the whole product. It also provides reducers compounds with the complete line of Weg motors, with which acts including providing other products such as frequency inverters (CFW10 lines, CFW100, CFW08, CFW11, CFW500 and CFW700), servo motors and servo SWA SCA.

In the year 2015, REDUTORES IBR started an exclusive partnership with LIMING company to supply planetary precision reducers to the brazilian market. With over 40 years of experience, is located in Taiwan, known as an Asian Tigers and for being a major exporter of goods and high-tech and precision equipment. The gear units manufactured by LIMING have superior quality, being produced with helical gear teeth allow, in addition to reduced clearances (up to 1 arc minute), a high rate of torque transmission and quiet operation. This new release certainly has the quality is consistent with the requirement of our company, which always seeks to offer new differentiated products that provide maximum satisfaction to our customers.